Family Recipes

Rockin’ Breakfast Quesadillas



1 package of soft taco shells (10-12 ct)

1 ½-2 cups of grated cheese (your favorite)

2 cooked sausage links (cut into small pieces)

3 eggs – scrambled & seasoned


Cook 2 sausage links in skillet (10 min), cut into pieces and set aside.

Scramble 3 eggs (add 2 Tbsp milk for fluffiness) & set to the side.

Heat up skillet – medium/high heat.

Put tortilla in skillet.

Add 2 Tbsp each of: meat, eggs & cheese.

Fold tortilla in half.

Cook for 1 minute on each side.

Put on plate and cut in strips with pizza slicer.

Serve with your favorite salsa.


Add sprinkle of diced onions and/or jalapenos inside of tortilla.

Add salsa to tortilla when cooking.

Substitute your favorite veggies instead of using meat.

Serves:   3-4

Loved by both adults and children alike!


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