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Single Parents Festival ~ Saturday, November 8, 2014

DSCF2135 DSCF2137 DSCF2139 DSCF2140 DSCF2142 DSCF2145 DSCF2146 DSCF2148 DSCF2150 DSCF2151 DSCF2154 DSCF2161 DSCF2162


Thanksgiving Outreach

Some of our parents having a great time putting together baskets to be given out to families in need for Thanksgiving

IMG_6127 IMG_6223 IMG_8930 IMG_5425 IMG_2111


Thanksgiving Potluck

We had the honor of hosting over 130 parents, children and volunteers… This was a night to remember

20141125_125719 20141125_125508 20141125_125425 20141125_114515 20141125_114510 20141125_114359 20141125_11441320141125_11484520141125_11485620141125_114942_LLS20141125_115041_LLS20141125_11574020141125_11585920141125_11592920141125_12013820141125_12021220141125_12041320141125_12043120141125_12050020141125_12070920141125_12073820141125_12080720141125_12091220141125_12093920141125_12103720141125_12115420141125_12120520141125_12121220141125_121430



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