Meet The Writers

Taylor Coleman-Sims


Hello, I am Taylor Sims. I am the child of a single parent and the daughter of a king, who is learning and living just like everyone else. Although I am aspiring to be a doctor, I am also passionate about my poetry and I hope it changes the lives of my peers. I look forward to bringing encouragement through the perspective of a young woman who grew up with a single parent. I strive everyday to be more like Christ, and lead his people back to Him. With the help of my amazing parents, all of my great leaders, and God, I have all of the resources needed to change the world one step at a time.

Stacy McClendon


Hi, I am Stacy McClendon and am the mother of three Amazing children – Jasmine (24), Lauren (16) and Brendan (8). My days today are so much different from years past, which included mounds of shame, anger, hurt, disappointment, bad choices and betrayal. God has brought me so far in my life’s journey thus far, especially in these past 9 years of being at Oasis Church. I’ve grown and I am learning to submit to God’s plan for my life. My children are also learning about God’s love for them and plan for their life (and sharing it with others), while growing in God’s will day by day. They are surrounded by Christ followers that show them how to connect with and live for God. I no longer dread my life, but have found joy, peace, faith, abundant love, purpose and courage on my daily walk. I choose to share what God has given to me with others, and do not want to keep this secret. I want God’s blessings to be given to family, friends and those who God has me collide with on my life’s journey! I also look forward to sharing my words as a source of healing for other single parents on their journey. I want them to know that they are loved and cherished by God and that there is a ‘Grand Plan’ for their life. Life is indeed not over, but is just beginning to blossom when we let him in and seek his guidance. I also look forward to enjoying ALL of the posts by our other Wonderful writers! Spread love and peace. 🙂

 Jackie Watson


Hi my name is Jacqueline Watson, and I am a single mom to two of the most beautiful girls, ages 22, and 7.  They are the love of my life!   We moved here from Georgia, back in November 2011, and I currently reside in Burbank, CA.  I moved here with my girls trying to find a better way of living for me and them, but when we first got here it was so hard getting to know people and finding a job.  Things were so bad for us that I figured that the only way for our lives to get better is to find a church and just start giving all my worries to GOD!!  My older daughter’s friend invited us to church one day back in late 2012, and we came to Oasis 10:30am service, and the word I received kept me coming back ever since!  Our lives have changed 360 degrees, and if I had to do it again, I would start with GOD first!  I love, Love living in Burbank, CA so much, I would not want to live any other place in CA, but I know that there a so many wonderful places to live here.  I love, love my church so much, I would not trade it for any other.  I joined the Single & Parenting group early this year and I have met some very wonderful women.  I call them my sisters in Christ.  I look forward to every Tuesday night when we get together and talk, cry, laugh…..It is such a wonderful feeling to have some place to belong to…..I am so connected to these ladies!

DeShawne Coleman

If I could sum my life experiences into just a few words, they would be, TRUST GOD!!!I am a 35 year old, overly passionate, woman who believes there is beauty to be found in all things. I love people and I have the sincerest desire to change the world. I am the mother of three of Gods most amazing little people (ok one isn’t so little anymore). Taylor (16), Kaylee (9) and my bear, Jeremiah (7). Growing up I suffered homelessness, abuse and neglect… I vowed to give my children a life that was completely opposite of my own. I completely surrendered my all to Christ in September of 2011 and with that came a promise… Jesus promised to help me raise my children to become true followers of Christ, living examples of the love and grace of God. There have been many nights where I have cried out to God, reminding Him of His promise to me and with every tear, He brought reassurance. In addition to giving me wisdom in raising my babies, He also redefined my identity in Him… Through following Him, I was no longer the broken, unmarried mother of three… Over time, I had become the beautifully whole daughter of a King. I never imagined I would be here… helping to encourage others who are where I once was. I am no where near complete but after 16 years, God has blessed me with some incredible insight that I pray inspires and encourages you to keep going… No matter where you are on your journey, you are not alone …


4 thoughts on “Meet The Writers

  1. Thank you for inviting me to your page and lifting my spirit with your words. Ithink this is a really wonderful venture and I look forward to reading more inspirational messages.


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