Altercation Gone Right

The Almighty Father blessed my sons and I a few months back, by using my teenage son to bring us closer to my immediate family.  We were having a family discussion, which then turned into a verbal altercation with my father (my sons grandfather) when I responded against words that I didn’t like being said to my son.  I was asked to leave the house, which I did.  What happened next was God himself coming alive. While I waited in my car for my son to come outside (about 30 min), my teenage son stayed back in the house and relayed words of truth, desires of both mines and his hearts, as well as areas viewed over the years that didn’t sit right with him.  Normally, this sort of conversation would never take place as everyone would end up leaving the house well before things got this heated.  God had other plans.

God didn’t allow the words to come from my mouth, as they wouldn’t have been received well, due to decades of unresolved issues that lay beneath the surface.  One very powerful truth shared was when my son told my father that we visit our family continuously due to the fact that we love them, sometimes needing to take a break (from visiting) when the environment is not very positive.

Since then our family has been altered.  Hearts have been thawed, as love is slowing oozing more freely between families.  We all check on each other more and the family is much more happy to see one another.  My son is blown away, as his relationship with his grandfather has gotten so much better.  This is something that my son never though would happen.  His trust in God has gotten deeper, as well as mines.

My father never spoke with me about what was shared between him and my son, but his behavior tells the real story.   God is indeed healer and deliverer and can change deep-rooted long-term issues in his perfect timing. ~ Stacy McClendon

Trust that God can do for you what he’s done for me and countless others.  Never say never!   Believe!