The Beauty of Friendship

Today I got a random text from one of my middle school girls at church asking for guidance on

several different topics. Giving her the guidance she was seeking and doing it with the strength of God

gave me a feeling of accomplishment and humbleness, mainly because she trusts me enough to

come to me and she knows that whatever advice I give her will be honest and straight from God.

I didn’t have anyone like that when I was her age, someone I could trust who was around my age, who knew

exactly what I was going through and would lead me in the right direction. Growing up, I didn’t have

friends that I could count on and I knew I could trust; however, I did have my mother.


Over the past 16 years my mother has become my utmost best-friend, and #1 mentor. True, I

didn’t have a “friend” that I could count on, but I didn’t need one because anything that I would

normally tell my friend or anyone, I would tell my mother. To this day there isn’t anything that I

wouldn’t tell her or trust her with. It brings me great joy to be able to share everything my mom has

shared with me with others.

I would like to encourage all of you to not only be your child’s parent but be their best-friend

and #1 supporter. Be the person that they can trust with anything and everything; furthermore,

surround them with people that they can relate to, someone you trust being around your babies and

someone you know they will trust. Keeping them surrounded by positive influences will motivate and

empower them to do the same to someone younger than them. At that point we have an amazing chain

reaction of world changers and it can all start with your child. ~ Taylor Simsbcf5e45cdf70c5acc7fb6bd1611487d5