A Sons Love for His Mother

A son’s love for his mother

This came when the mother uttered

That she was a bad mother

The son said WHAT?

Don’t let the devil win

When he hears you

He starts to grin

That’s why the devil thinks he’s the master

Really he’s more like a disaster

His lies only get faster

The son said

Don’t let the devil win

He’s just mad that he sleeps in a den

His mind is crazy like his thoughts

His spirts gets old and rots

Every time he fights yachts

Don’t let the devil win

I know it’s hard raising two young men

Eventually Me and Brendan

Are going to take you to the pent

Yes I know it’s almost been ten

Keep praying for the right man

Don’t think about back then

Thank about me and Brendan

Your emotions can get like Big Bens

Don’t give up

Don’t say you’re a bad mom

Let your dreams flow like a river

Shout Amen my Queen you’re the winner!

Written by Lauren Martin (to my Mom AKA Stacy McClendon)

mother son


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