Rule Your Kingdom

This week I saw a documentary entitles Monkey Kingdom and it amazes me how similar they are to humans. The main monkey, Mya, was in the lowest tribe of the class and was looked down upon by everyone. At one point in the movie a male comes into her life and they mate. The alpha male runs him out of the kingdom in attempt to try to claim Mya as his girl (I’ll tell you about men now-a-days lol). Mya then becomes pregnant and a single parent. While the father is gone Mya goes through more than her share of trouble, doing everything she can to protect her baby boy. It reminds me of how much single human parents go through to protect us. Mya didn’t sit around waiting for someone to help her take care of Kip; she got up and made moves to attempt to get to the top of the kingdom to make a better life for her children.

As the oldest child of a single parent, like Kip (Mya’s son), I see and live the struggle with my mother all the time. But also like Kip, because of the strong and powerful woman I saw my mother to be, it only makes my want to push myself to do better.

Eventually Kips father comes back and with their strength as a family they end up leading the kingdom together as a family. If the father hadn’t left Mya would’ve never learned how to be as independent and strong as she is, and she would’ve solely leaned on her man. With the independence she found, she was able to accomplish so much. And when her family fully came back together, they were more powerful than ever.

Remember that God has the power to turn any challenge into a character building, life transforming event. I encourage you all to keep going, no matter what things look like right now. Eventually you will be ruling your kingdom. ~ Taylor Simsrafiki


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