Just Be and Embrace the Beauty

What is it that invites and entices you to celebrate God’s many creations (you of course being one of them)?

Is it…

…Tasty Treats and Dining?

…Words falling from the pages of a favorite novel?

…Cleaning a space near and dear to you and starting anew?

…Taking a walk or exercising under a blanket of blue sky or stars?

…Swimming or just simply enjoying the beach and ALL the splendor it brings?

…Driving or riding to an exciting NEW destination?

…Cuddling up with your children to enjoy a movie together?

…Sharing a lovely afternoon with your favorite girlfriends (or the guys)?

…Adding numbers, until you can add no longer?

…Going to help a friend or acquaintance in need?

…Spending time alone getting to the know the Unique/One-of-a-Kind person God made you to be?

Each and every one of these scenarios and more, offers a glimpse into how God shares Beauty with us on so many different levels.

It could be the beauty of silence, landscape, cinema or just a plain ol’ good time that you are in need of.

When your soul tugs at you to relax and do that thing, that you may think you don’t have time for, accept it. Instead make the time.

Listen! Don’t Ignore! Embrace it!

You never know what God is trying to tell/show you, or where the time spent will take you.  It will be something specific and special to you, just like your DNA.  There is a reason that certain things bring you joy.

Invite them into your space, create that spark, enjoy and watch where it takes you. ~ Stacy

psalm 37


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