New Writer Alert

It is with great honor and pleasure to introduce our newest writer to the team…. This young woman is an exceptional writer that will provide insight, encouragement and tips from the perspective of a young woman who is being raised by a single parent…. Her experience and point of view will not only help us but also remind us that it is God who has the final say in our lives… What the enemy intended for harm, God used to raise up a mighty warrior in His kingdom… Our families are not broken, our children are not doomed and we are not less than because of our current circumstances… Hold your head up high mommas and poppas, you are raising world changers!!! ~ DeShawne Coleman

Taylor Coleman-Sims


Hello, I am Taylor Sims. I am the child of a single parent and the daughter of a king, who is learning and living just like everyone else. Although I am aspiring to be a doctor, I am also passionate about my poetry and I hope it changes the lives of my peers. I look forward to bringing encouragement through the perspective of a young woman who grew up with a single parent. I strive everyday to be more like Christ, and lead his people back to Him. With the help of my amazing parents, all of my great leaders, and God, I have all of the resources needed to change the world one step at a time.

Please go by the Meet The Writers page and give her a warm welcome


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