Farmers Market Savings Waiting for You!

Have you ever wanted to get farm fresh produce for you and your family, but thought it would be too expensive?  Well that is an afterthought thanks toMarket Match.   Market Match is a program provided by Hunger Action Los Angeles in collaboration with various agencies.  This program helps extend your dollars while allowing you to purchase fresh and healthy produce at a discount.  Program participants are able to receive an extra $10 from Market Matchwhen they spend $10 with CalFresh/EBT at participating farmers markets.  This benefit is available per family, per market day at participating farmers markets in Los Angeles County.

To find out more info regarding Market Match visit:

To find a farmers market near you visit:

Don’t forget to take your children with you on your farmers market visits, as the farmers market showcases current produce in season and even allows you to taste samples before purchasing.  This allows both you and your child to expand your palate, by trying something that you might normally pass up at the grocery store.  You also don’t have to waste monies purchasing something that looks good from the outside, but might not taste so well.  In addition, it teaches your children that it’s important to feed your body fresh fruits and vegetables.  Something that they’ll pass on to future generations.

Who knows, you might even get to hear some Beautiful musical selections, as many farmers markets now offer this as well.

So, what are you waiting for?  It’s time to plan that next family outing!

Enjoy and spread the word!~ Stacy McClendon


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