Alive and Well I Say

Most will celebrate being thankful for all that they have in their life this week.  It’s pretty Amazing that this can actually truly transform a life if taken seriously. For example, what if a person were totally thankful for their current situation as it is right now.  Not longing for what was, or wishing for what could be, choosing instead to stay in the moment and enjoy things as they are.

Practicing joy in the in between time can be extremely challenging, especially if we have drawn up specific ‘Blueprints’ for our life.  Every time a situation doesn’t head in the direction of our Blueprints, anxiety and worry can creep in our lives like an ‘army of ants’ and take over (if gone unnoticed).  God wants us to plan our lives and be a success, but at what cost?  The most important question to ask yourself is if your soul, mind and body  are healthy on the road to achieving your Blueprint?  If so, great!  If not, you may want to carve out some time with the Father to see if your plan is ‘your plan’ or if you need to tweak your plan and get on ‘his plan,’ which is the greatness plan for your life.

It’s important to always remember that you’re a success if:

ü  You read your bible, share and pray to God for yourself and others

ü  Assist someone with an area of need

ü  When you love others as Christ loved you

ü  When you continue ‘to put one foot in front of the other’  on your life’s journey, no matter what’s going on around you

ü  When you do what God tells you to do

ü  And many, many more…

Never feel you have nothing to be thankful for.  Instead , say and share the many wonderful things  that you have to be thankful for.

Never feel that you’re not a success. Instead, practice listing things that you’ve done or are doing that make you successful.

The main thought to remember ALWAYS is that the world’s idea of success is completely different than God’s.

Let us keep a deep sense of gratitude this Thanksgiving weekend by pondering and practicing sharing thoughts of thanksgiving and success in your life with yourself and others. ~ Stacy McClendon

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

John 3:16 – God so loved the world…  (the Ultimate Reason to be Thankful)

Psalms 95:2  – Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving….


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