Single Parents Festival… SUCCESS


This past Saturday the Oasis LA Single Parents Community partnered with Gospel Truth Church to serve the single parents in their community and assist with the launch of their Single Parents Ministry. Our parents donated clothes, household items, school supplies, time and their services to provide giveaways, face painting and free haircuts to all who came.

So often, single parents have a negative stigma attached to them and very rarely are we celebrated and honored for what we do. I am so grateful to be a part of a Church that works to change that daily. Oasis LA has jumped on every opportunity to honor us as parents and help ease some of the challenges that come along with single parenting. It is impossible to experience this kind of love and not want to share it. That is exactly what Madisen (one of our amazing mommas and leaders) did. When approached by Gospel Truth, she did not hesitate to share what she has gained from being a part of the Oasis LA Single Parents Community. Madisen’s passion ignited something in the Pastors of Gospel Truth Church, especially since the Pastors wife was a single mother prior to marrying her current husband. This is what lead to us partnering with Gospel Truth Church to help them build a Single Parents Ministry

After months of planning and prepping, we were able to celebrate those parents in the South Los Angeles community who may often times feel forgotten. Families rolled in throughout the day and enjoyed the many activities for kids. Kids ran from station to station with pure joy on their faces. People shared their testimonies throughout the day, including our very own, incredibly brave, Michelle LaBelle and young boys got some fresh haircuts. Thanks to our amazing face painters, we had a shark, Spider-man and a fairy running around.  It was a beautiful sight of two churches coming together to serve the needs of Gods children. It was a prime example of what the body of Christ looks like.

This is only the beginning for the Oasis LA Single Parents Community Outreach… We have no intention on keeping quiet about all God is doing within our ministry and assisting anyone who is interested in bringing the hope of Christ to this amazing population. We look forward to continued partnership with Gospel Truth Church and we are so excited about what God is doing through them… World Changers always start with their small corner of the world. ~ DeShawne Coleman


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