Transparency Before God

My favorite scripture right now is Psalm 138:23

23 Prove me, O God, and know my heart: examine me, and know my paths.

This scripture is valuable to me because it shows how much God desires to work on me!! This has been my prayer recently, God, prove me and know my heart. God has put certain tests in front of me so that I can see exactly where my heart is in dealing with certain people and situations. Am I being honest, kind to others and serving God with a pure heart. “Prove me, O God, and know my heart” it is up to me to show God my improvement on my attitude, for instance, when someone makes me very upset….through the different tests, I’ve learned that the best way to handle the situation is by calming myself down and thinking before I act or say something bad. The last part of the scripture “examine me, and know my paths” is Gods way of letting me know that he is going to lay my path out for me and it is up to me to listen and follow!! This scripture really touches my soul, because after reading it over and over again I realize how much it speaks to me and that I need to really stay focus on what it is saying to me.

This scripture really helps me in my day to day life by reminding me that I serve an awesome God who takes care of me and teaches me to be faithful. I read this scripture daily because it helps me and reminds me that I am human and I make mistakes and that my God will forgive me.  It strengthens me each day and reminds me that I must try my best love others and be honest, which can be hard at times when I am in certain situations, but that’s why its so important to stay transparent before the Lord, asking Him to search us. I feel like this verse can be valuable to all of us in our walk with God. Whether we are struggling with sadness, heartbreak or need a simple reminder that God is with us. When we invite Him into our hearts and ask Him to examine our motives, He is faithful to help us make any adjustments to fulfill the plans He has for us.God knows our path and He will lead us to it.  ~ Jackie


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