Make Time For Soccer

Last weekend the athletics department from the kids ministry put together a Kids vs Parents soccer game. Now I am going to be completely honest, I was not excited. This game was scheduled for the only weekend I would have had to myself for two months. I had a beautiful day at the Spa De La Home (also known as my house) planned and I was looking forward to doing nothing. Of course once the kids found out about it I had to go. So, since I now had to go, I pumped up the event to all of my friends kids so they too would have to attend (yeah I’m one of those friends lol don’t judge me). The week leading up to the soccer game was intense in my house. We had a bet going… Whoever loses has to cook dinner. There was massive trash talking in my house (all in love of course)… At one point my baby girl told me there was no way I was going to win because we are just too old to be playing soccer. While I wanted to whip her behind, in soccer, I also really wanted my free weekend. Their dad wanted to take them with him on Saturday… “there it is… my out”, I thought. When I asked the kids what they wanted to do, they both were adamant about getting to that soccer game.

Reluctantly I went. When I got to the park, I couldn’t find parking… “could this be a sign to go back home” lol… No it wasn’t because soon after that thought I snagged a spot right up front lol. We headed to the field and played an amazing game of soccer. I was in awe as I watched my loves hustle up and down the field. They worked together as a team and were in the game to win it. There were moments where I got stuck in mommy mode, gawking at them play instead of blocking their shots. This was a memory that would last with them forever. Not to mention they won (let’s clarify first though, they had both their coaches on their team)… Their meal of choice, pizza and wings. I was more than honored to end the day enjoying a pizza and some wings with my babies. More than anything though, I was honored that I got to enjoy them in their world.

So often we are busy keeping schedules, making sure everything on the to do list gets accomplished. Every once in a while, it is crucial to make time for soccer, or anything that gets us outside simply playing with our babies. Those are the moments that shape them… those are the moments that build confidence and leaves lasting impressions of love and family. those are the moments that really matter in life and those are the moments that we should all strive to make happen more often in our families. ~ DeShawne

Go play with your kids.  Whatever sounds they are making are WAY less annoying when you make them too.  Whatever mess they get into is much more fun if you help make it.  Whatever trouble they are getting into is much safer if you join in the mischief.


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