Learning to Let Go…

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God”- Matthew 5:9

God is surely working on me day by day!!  I say this because I realized just how much anger is hidden inside of me towards others. I have been working on fixing that, or I should say God has been helping me to be more patient.  I say this because I currently rent a room from a lady that continuously tries to test my patience and tries to cheat me out of my money. Just the other day we got into an argument because I asked her if someone went into my room and she started going off on me for no reason. The old Jackie would have started swinging without all the talking, but I choose to tell her a few words and then walk away.  Later that night God spoke to my heart and told me to go and apologize and I did, even though I felt like I wasn’t the one who was wrong. I made a choice to be obedient to God and do what He would have done. God calls us to be peacemakers everywhere we go. It is my desire and Gods desire for me to change my old ways, In other words I am learning how to turn the other cheek and to let go and let God!!!  I am really proud of the changes I see within myself, because I am letting God lead my life.  I still have ways to go, but I am getting there!! ~ Jackie


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